Empowering Community and Transforming Lives

Empowering Community and Transforming Lives

Creating stronger communities since 1980

In the last 40 years OLCDC (now Ten North Group) has been a leading force in shaping our community. We transform lives by providing equitable access to housing and wealth-building opportunities for under-resourced communities, particularly those affected by systemic bias. Our comprehensive approach to community and housing development has helped us to become one of Florida’s largest and most respected CDCs (Community Development Corporations). 

We have acquired, developed, and rehabilitated over 2,500 affordable units and built single-family homes in Opa-Locka and North Miami-Dade County. Additionally, through our partnership with leading property management firms, we manage a portfolio of multifamily affordable housing communities throughout the North Miami-Dade area. 

As a mission-based, community-focused real estate development organization, our six-pronged approach addresses persistent issues plaguing under-resourced communities. In addition to housing, we focus on creating wealth-building opportunities by providing equitable access to arts and culture, small business financing, and entrepreneurial and financial empowerment.

Our evolution to Ten North Group

As we evolve, we must re-align stakeholder perceptions to stay current with who we have become and our strategic goals. By rebranding, we can better tell our growth story, reach a broader community, and more effectively position our services and authority as a mission-based, community-focused, real estate development organization. 

We are excited to announce our new name, Ten North Group. Like our organization, our new name is rooted in the story of Opa-Locka, a community that is often referenced as being “ten miles north of the City of Miami.” Our new logo visually represents the story of weaving different resources, affiliates and people together to create a stronger community.

Creating a bright future for Opa-Locka

We are proud of our legacy of activating community transformation at Ten North Group. Our commitment to creating this change grows stronger as we embark on an exciting new project, City Terrace in Opa-Locka. An extensive, mixed-use development that will revitalize our community with quality, affordable, community-accessible housing, and commercial opportunities. This multi-block development will preserve the legacy and enhance the walkability of our neighborhood. In addition, it will reactivate a hidden downtown, protect housing accessibility, and invest in aesthetics and placemaking while expanding job skills, education, and wealth-building opportunities within our unique community. 

Presenting Art of Transformation

Ten North Group presents a collection of masters in modern and contemporary visual Art from Africa, Haiti, and the African Diaspora. This free event in the heart of Opa-Locka, sanctioned by Art Basel, is an important presentation of critical voices in the conversation at the intersection of Art, Community, and Cultural representation. It also reinforces our commitment to the value of Art and culture in transforming our community. The three-block event will run between December 1st and 4th, 2022 and highlight works of dozens of Artists, include impactful discussions, community events, and much more.