About the Exhibition

In honor of Women’s History Month, Genius Species seeks to create a genus of Human genius and to celebrate the effects of the Black Woman’s planetary existence. Influenced by scholars such as Evelyn Hammonds, Toni Morrison and popular icons as Aretha Franklin and Nicki Minaj, Genius Species investigates the cultural, political, social, sexual currency that is Black Womanhood and Girlhood, and the ripple effects of its lived experience(s) across both time and space.

By appointment only.

About the Curator

Anya Wallace is a visual artist and scholar specializing in Black Girlhood and pleasure. Her curatorial practice is rooted in the process of merging “performance writing” and critical art writing, methods of experimental, intuitive writing that transforms the usually ephemeral process of cultivating ideas and concepts into a traceable format that exists in fluid conversation with visual art forms.

The curation for Genius Species arose through Wallace’s performance writing, taking the form of the abstract below. As alluded to in the title of the exhibition, Genius Species emphasizes the Black woman at the center of what it means to be whole and human.

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